We have large inventory of Dojinshi of course, but there is much more.
There are many general books and goods also.

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"About the use of mail order" by all means
before utilizing a mail order of a MEIKIDO
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Explanation of mail order
About the use of mail order
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An introduction of a shop

From September 6, 2004, a shopping basket got "a tentative order function"

■They send a lot of goods which they do not intend to buy to a basket. A part of user takes a vicious shopping way.
We needed to prevent this.
We changed a system so that all the members did shopping comfortably.
Even if it is assumed that has utilized a mail order of a MEIKIDO until now, confirm content by all means because this is a new function.
A MEIKIDO does not bear responsibility of every trouble on an order by having neglected confirmation of new function at all

"A temporary order" function was on

Write "a decision" as "確定" in Japanese.

Is "decided" when clicks

of playing basketball shopping.

As for the settled purchase goods,

is indicated.

A shopping basket is Japanese edition.
There is not English version.

30 books of temporary orders that can put in a basket
●Cannot put more than 30 books in a basket
●Become an error if will put the 31st of them in a basket
●Do not need to always do "a decision" after having put 30 books in a basket. A basket can begin if reduces number of "temporary order"
Can put the 31 books in a basket if does "a decision" of a temporary order
●Please do "a decision" of the temporary order goods which put in a basket.
Can buy more than 30 books.
※A message to identify purchase will by all means is indicated before "a decision"
●As for the goods which did "a decision", cancellation of purchase is not finished
※Do log-out if wants to cancel "decision" order goods.
And repeat shopping from the first.
●Can hire goods in a basket by from the 31 books and 30 books (to 60 books) if continues shopping after having done "a decision"
●If you repeat this, it is unlimited and can utilize the number of purchase by one time of order
As for the goods which did "a decision", cancellation of purchase is not finished
●Cancellation of the goods which changed in "a decision" from "a temporary order" is not enacted.
Cannot eliminate goods from a basket.
Therefore goods doing "a decision" be decided after confirming it closely.
※Do log-out if wants to cancel "decision" order goods.
And repeat shopping from the first.

About member registration

To enjoy Meikido Online Shopping, you need to register online.
Your name and address must be registered.
E-mail address is highly recommended but not mandatory.
When you register...
- You can order Meikido and TK-SOUND goods online.
- You can query your order and shipping status online.
-- Refer to "How to shop online" section for more detail --
Member registration is free of charge.

If you want us to deal additional item categories, please feel free to mail us.

TOPIC--General books inventory is improving

We emphasize online shopping of general books as well.
So far we Meikido had rather small inventory of general books and goods
and had less categories. Now we are improving in both goods inventory
and categories.

TOPIC--New categories added in Dojinshi online shopping

You can check telephone cards by photos. Just click the item number to
see the item photo of interest.

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